Released in 1993, the 60th anniversary of the original King Kong film, Bandai's King Kong figure is one of the most sought-after from the Godzilla Collection toyline. Despite its elusivity, this figure remains one of the best representaions of Godzilla's iconic foe and forefather.

The detail on this figure is great, and very accurate to Kong's appearance in the film. Many people dislike this rendering of Kong's face, but I think it suits his "demon god" moniker quite well. The pale white eyes are quite creepy and look good for how simply they're painted. The fur is also very well-rendered.

The arms are of course very posable, though Kong's legs are more-or-less stuck in one position unless you want him to fall over. This is very typical of action figures of this time, much less Godzilla figures, of course. It's no great bother to me, at least once I found the perfect way to make him stand.

This figure seems to have been released on a more limited basis than many of its contemporaries, and this (among other reasons) has contributed to a high price years later. Western sellers routinely ask for over $150. Even in Japan, this figure isn't cheap. I've seen broken figures sell for nearly $100. Just be patient and you can find one for cheaper.