You Gave Me Enough Hope to Hang Myself With

Walking down the hill like the best of friends
Trying to forget, stupid as it was, what
Precisely was taking us down there
To start with. We laughed and
Spat and laughed again. Then
It was all over and I had
To forget about it
As best I could
As I made my
Way back

You gave me just enough hope to hang myself with
I thought of the mailbox that we pretended was
Halfway, and I thought about all the things
I didn't have the courage to ask you for
About pretending a lot changed only
Two weeks later, or how to tell
You you what surely you must
Already know. But of course
I hanged myself with that
Hope, because nothing
Else would have been
So comfortable. And
Years later when
You saw me my
Body was only
Tatters of
Skin and