s i l v e r m u t a n t c h i l d r e n

At one point I had serious ambitions in writing. Today, I mostly write emails. Things happen that way, of course. Hopefully this page will motivate me to write more.

Most of the work here is from 2016 onward and was largely written on the toilet. Newer is not necessarily better.

My favorite authors are Daniil Kharms, Franz Kafka, Kathy Acker, Stephane Mallarme, and Yukio Mishima.

short stories
"Requiem for Terry Funk"
Double-cross tangle-up, beer and popcorn spilling everything wet around the concrete. Pop. (2020, 2023)

"Easy Rider Blues"
Memories of my father. (2020)

"One of Several Short Stories About a Chance Meeting or Phalanx of Circumstances Which Leaves Their Participants at Once Bewildered and Yet Apparently and Indescribly Edified, Now Cognizant of Their Magical and Induplicatable Place in the Earth"
The joycean ordeal of all writing. (2022)

"A Firing Squad"
A family story. Still needs revision. (2021)

"Diptych No. 2"
After Robbe-Grillet. (2020)

In two exposures. (2020)

The passion according to B.G. (2020)

"Daddy Sings Worthless"
After "Motherlogue" by Ann Quin. (2020)

An adolescent rendering of the insect life cycle. (2018)

"Another Parasite"
"He do the feces in different voices!" (2018)

A few memories imprecisely rendered. (2018)

"Burning Bodies/Soldier Talk"
In loving memory. (2018)

"February Twenty-Sixth"
Masturbation rarities. (2018)

An attempt. (2016)

"Station to Station"
I think this was my first serious attempt to write a story. It certainly seems that way. (2016)

"Somnambulists' Gymnopedie"
A tribute to the special pleaure of Rimbaud in translation.

"You Gave Me Enough Hope to Hang Myself With"
You'd think I wouldn't think of it by now. (2023)

"Carnival Fuck"
A tribute. (2023)

Lost thoughts in a doorway.

"Some Other Time"
O, the wasteful effluence of memory---

"Dog's Blood Aspic"
Changing a rope for a size too small.

"A Matter of Course"
Childhood thoughts given new flesh.


"Cloudy Day"
A short poem. (2023)

"Invocation by Hairbrush"
In reverance of Vasilisk Gnedov and Velimir Khlebnikov. (2023)

A refleciton on a special time which later became quite ordinary. (2020)

"My Dream as Aimilee's Human Table"
A recollection. (2023)

"A Certification"
The tribulations of polite society. (2022)

"A Machine For Killing Crabs"
An ode to industrial food production. (2022)

"Some Turtles"
A profound spiritual experience. (2022)

"Brushing My Teeth with a Candlestick in Unconscious Reverence of Daniil Kharms"
A familiar situation to many, I am sure. (2022)

"A Gallows Pole"
After the traditional song. (2022)

"A New Kind of Disease"
A dream of utility. (2022)

"An Ordeal Involving Postage"
A very sad situation. (2022)

"Threnody For Mayuko Hino"
Something blissful. (2020)

"Hitomi Smiles"
A portrait. (2020)

"Requiem for HS"
In gratitude. (2020)

war & hygiene

no bottom floor in hell